Will Rohit Sharma pay a fine of Rs 6.5 lakh to his fan ?

Amazing stories are heard in the history of cricket, some go viral sitting in the stadium and some in meeting their favorite player.

Exactly the same has happened in T20 world cup 2022!

Actually a fan of Rohit Sharma went down to the playing field to meet him and went straight to meet Rohit Sharma, at this time the stadium was full of people and the match was also going on.

A huge fan of Rohit Sharma went ahead uncontrollably to meet Rohit Sharma with tears in his eyes and the result was that he had to pay a fine of Rs 6.5 lakh.

Because according to the International Cricket Committee, he was required to be punished for obstructing a cricket match and he was fined Rs 6.5 lakh based on the rules.

This match was being played between India and zimbabwe.

The public was also upset after seeing this scene, but all the viewers have expressed their affection towards that fan.

During the cricket match, when India and Zimbabwe team was playing in the field, then this fan of Rohit Sharma runs forward to meet Rohit Sharma, but the security guards catch him.

 As a result he is unable to meet Rohit Sharma.

But everyone was stunned when Rohit Sharma expressed his love for this innocent fan, let us tell you that everyone’s heart will melt after seeing what Rohit Sharma did to that boy at that time.

The boy was caught by the security guard and the security guards started taking him out forcibly, then Rose Sharma himself came to the boy and he personally told those guards to take him out with great love, there is no harm to this boy. There should be no damage.

As soon as he was taken out of the field, after that the Indian Cricket Organization Committee imposed a fine of six and a half lakhs (6.5 lakh rupees). The boy was shocked because 6.5 lakh rupees was a huge amount for him. Could fill

 But after this Rohit Sharma gave an interview and showing a feeling of affection towards the boy, said that Rohit Sharma himself will fill the fine of ₹ 6.5 lakh on that boy from his own pocket.

 After this, we will also meet that boy who came to meet Sharma daily in the field but could not meet.

 Rohit Sharma said that it is not an easy task for someone to take such a risk and come to meet their favorite player in the field.

That fan was not afraid of anything, he just wanted to meet Rohit Sharma by doing anything.

Rohit Sharma also said that at that time I could not meet the fan but later I will try my best that I can meet that fan personally.

With this, there was a wave of happiness in the whole country as India defeated Zimbabwe by 71 runs in this match.

 Please tell that the fine of Rs 6.5 lakh has not been deposited yet.

Rohit Sharma will deposit this fine within the given time interval as per the rules. Is.

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