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Quick Info about Visha Khandelwal:

Real Name Visha Khandelwal
Gender Female
Age (as of 2023)27 Years
Date Of Birth 03-Nov-1996
Birthday03 November
Occupation Youtuber / Former CA / Solo Traveler
BoyfriendNot Known
HusbandNot Known
Incomebetween $600 and $1100 every month
Networth$600k to $700k
AddressDelhi, India

Who Is Visha Khandelwal

Well-known Indian woman traveler Visha Khandelwal is from Delhi, India. She has visited more than 20 special countries. Visha end her position as a chartered accountant to pursue her passion for travel. She turned into now making solo journeys around the globe.

Visha Khandelwal is a well-known parent within the international of travel and journey, specifically amongst single woman tourists.

Despite having a hit career as a chartered accountant, Visha determined to depart her process to comply with her love of tour and explore the sector on her very own phrases. Considering the fact that then, she has launched into several solo journeys, documenting her trips and stories on social media and through her personal weblog.

Visha Khandelwal’s adventurous spirit and fearless attitude have earned her recognition as one of the maximum inspiring solo girl tourists in India. Her story has been featured in diverse courses, and she has become a role model for ladies who need to discover the arena on their own phrases.

As for her private life, Visha no longer shared plenty of facts approximately her age, boyfriend, or the internet really worth. But, her journey experiences and tales have captivated the attention of many, and he or she continues to inspire and encourage humans together with her passion for adventure and journey.

Early Life of Visha Khandelwal

Born on November 3, 1996, in Delhi, Visha Khandelwal was raised in a middle-class family by her father—who worked as a teacher at a nearby government school—and mother—who was a homemaker. Visha took her early schooling at Delhi Public School in Dwarka, where she developed her enthusiasm for learning and sports. Having completed her secondary education, she decided to pursue chartered accounting and enrolled in a government college. She was an active student and made sure to gain hands-on experience through internships in some of the top accounting firms in the city.

Fast-forward to today, Visha is now a renowned chartered accountant with numerous clients who rely on her expertise. Her story is one of hard work, dedication, and perseverance that serves as an inspiration to many striving to reach their goals.


Visha Khandelwal, who’s currently single, become courting a person in Delhi. Given that she changed into born on November third, 1996, Visha Khandelwal might be 26 years antique in 2022. She came from a Delhi-based totally middle-elegance household. Pratik Khandelwal turned into her father; he became a Delhi-based educator. Mom of Visha was a housewife. In addition to this, Visha has a younger brother named Ankit Khandelwal who is currently enrolled in university.

Visha Khandelwal, a successful chartered accountant, is a young and vibrant female who is presently single. Born on November 3rd, 1996, Visha turned 26 years antique in 2022, and she has finished a lot in her young lifestyle. She grew up in a center-elegance household in Delhi, India, where she become raised with conventional Indian values and a strong painting ethic.

Visha’s father, Pratik Khandelwal, was a devoted educator who worked in a government faculty in Delhi. He instilled in his children a love of studying and advocated for them to pursue their desires. Visha’s mom changed into a housewife who labored tirelessly to take care of the circle of relatives each day desires. No matter the challenges of elevating their own family on constrained finances, Visha’s mother and father supplied her and her brother with a warm and loving domestic and the guide they needed to succeed in their lifestyles.

Visha has a more youthful brother named Ankit Khandelwal, who’s presently enrolled in university. Ankit is following in his sister’s footsteps and pursuing a career in finance. Visha may be very happy with her brother and encourages him to work difficult and pursue his dreams.

Further to her successful profession and close-knit family, Visha is likewise passionate about travel and exploring new cultures. She has visited many countries around the arena and enjoys immersing herself in the nearby culture and delicacies. Visha believes that a journey is a remarkable manner to broaden one’s horizons and gain a deeper know-how of the world we live in.

Overall, Visha Khandelwal is a younger girl with a vibrant future beforehand of her. Her difficult paintings, determination, and perseverance have helped her obtain her goals and end up a hit professional. Her story serves as a concept to younger humans anywhere who are working to acquire their dreams.

Visha Khandelwal Wikipedia, Bio, wiki, personal information

Real NameVisha Khandelwal
Age (as of 2023)26
Date Of Birth03/Nov/1996
Father’s NamePratik Khandelwal
Brother’s NameAnkit Khandelwal
Former OccupationCA
Current OccupationYoutuber

Visha Khandelwal maintains her physique very well and has an honestly attractive appearance.

Her eyes and hair were each a dark shade of black. Like the majority of Indians, Visha Khandelwal changed into brown heritage. She weighed one hundred twenty kilos and stood 5 feet 6 inches tall.

In addition to her professional achievements, Visha Khandelwal is also regarded for her pleasing appearance and properly-maintained physique. She takes great care of herself and is committed to main a healthy lifestyle. Visha has a natural beauty this is accentuated by her darkish eyes and black hair, which give her a completely unique and welcoming appearance. She is proud of her Indian history and embraces her brown complexion as a symbol of her cultural identity.

Visha’s determination to fitness is obvious in her toned and in-shape physique. She works out regularly and follows a healthy eating regimen to stay in top shape. Her efforts have paid off, as she weighs a healthy a hundred and twenty kilos and stands tall at 5 ft 6 inches. Visha’s dedication to maintaining a wholesome lifestyle now not simplest benefits her physical fitness but additionally enhances her self-assurance and general experience of well-being.

Notwithstanding her busy schedule, Visha prioritizes self-care and takes the time to pamper herself. She enjoys indulging in spa remedies, trying out new splendor merchandise, and experimenting with extraordinary hairstyles and make-up looks. Visha’s interest in elements and eager sense of favor is evident in her impeccable style alternatives, which always make a declaration.

Ordinary, Visha Khandelwal is a multifaceted individual with many talents and passions. Her commitment to keeping her health and appearance is simply one component of her dynamic persona, which additionally includes her expert achievements, love of tour, and near-knit family relationships.

Visha Khandelwal’s physical measurements, figures, and secret details

Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Body Measurements36-28-38

Visha Khandelwal Biography and Career

Visha is currently a fairly well-known figure on social media. Her professional life began in Delhi, India. She finishes her elementary schooling at Delhi Public School. She attended a government college in Delhi to finish her studies to become a chartered accountant after completing her early schooling. The cost of living was high in large cities like Delhi. Therefore, during her second year of CA studies, Visha started working a part-time job in a café.

She left that job after working there for a year and accepted a position as a social media marketer with an Organization based in Delhi. She oversees all of the NGO’s social media accounts. Visha now has sufficient expertise in social media marketing. She was already familiar with blogging at this point and had begun her own blogging career.

Visha had a keen interest in both travel and filmmaking. She aspired to travel extensively. Yet she lacks the funds necessary to begin. She obtained employment as an intern at a private company after completing her CA studies. Following that internship, she was offered a position with the same business. She worked there for three years and was able to save enough money to go.

Visha made the decision to quit her work and embark on a journey. She began her travels in the Himalayas. She visits Manali, Mumbai, Goa, Uttarakhand, and many other Indian locales. She departed for Sri Lanka on her first international tour after that. She then visits other southeast Asian nations after that. On her YouTube account, where she regularly posts videos, she currently has more than 100k subscribers. Visha Khandelwal’s current occupation is that of a full-time travel vlogger.

Educational Qualifications of Visha Khandelwal

Earlier EducationDelhi Public School
College GraduationGovernment College
Current EducationGraduate
Other QualificationChartered Accountant

Social Media

Visha Khandelwal has made a name for herself as an outstanding social media determine. Her journey into the arena of social media commenced in Delhi, India, wherein she completed her primary education at Delhi Public faculty. She then enrolled in a government college in Delhi to pursue her research in chartered accountancy. But, the excessive cost of dwelling in Delhi brought about Visha to take on a component-time process at a neighborhood café at some point in her second 12 months of studies.

After a yr of running at the café, Visha landed a process as a social media marketer with a Delhi-primarily based NGO. Her duties included dealing with the employer’s diverse social media bills, which gave her valuable revel in the subject of social media advertising. Visha had already started her own blogging career and had a passion for journeys and filmmaking.

Visha’s dream of visiting appreciably became constrained by her financial situation, but she turned determined to make it show up. After finishing her CA studies, she landed an internship at a personal enterprise. Following the crowning glory of her internship, Visha was provided a complete-time position with the same company, in which she labored for 3 years and stored up enough cash to embark on her travels.

With sufficient price range at her disposal, Visha give up her task and got down to explore the sector. Her first forestall changed into the Himalayas, where she immersed herself in the herbal beauty of the location. She then went on to go to diverse Indian locations together with Manali, Mumbai, Goa, and Uttarakhand. Her thirst for adventure took her beyond India, as she traveled to Sri Lanka and different Southeast Asian international locations.

Visha’s passion for tour and filmmaking led her to begin a YouTube channel, where she often posts videos of her travels. Her channel quickly won a reputation, and she now has over 100k subscribers. These days, Visha Khandelwal is a full-time travel vlogger, residing in her dream of exploring the world and sharing her reviews with her followers on social media.

Youtube Analytical Information

Youtube Channel NameVisha Khandelwal
Youtube Channel Link
Number Of Subscribers123000
Total number of viewsMore than 15 lakh
Youtube Channel CategoryTraveling and Film Making
Date of joined29/07/2014
Uploaded Videos205

Instagram Information

Instagram IdVisha.Khandelwal
Instagram profile link
FollowersMore than 57 thousand
Account Verification InformationNot Verified

Visha Khandelwal Net Worth

She end her role as a chartered accountant to journey full-time. She is currently journeying around the globe and producing travel movies. Her YouTube videos had been her number-one source of revenue. She earns between $600 and $1100 every month from her YouTube videos. Further to this, she is creating wealth via subsidized Instagram posts and logo merchandising, and he or she has extra than 49k international followers. Due to the fact Visha Khandelwal is definitely attractive, she changed into capable of enticing a huge number of enthusiasts from all over the globe. She got here from a household that became middle elegance. The variety of Visha Khandelwal’s internet really worth became $600k to $700k. we hope that the records supplied approximately Visha Khandelwal’s biography, wiki, age, boyfriend, net really worth, and different topics changed into helpful.

Visha Khandelwal is a female who made a bold decision to go away from her successful career as a chartered accountant to pursue her ardor for her journey. She is currently on an adventure around the sector and has been documenting her reviews of travel movies that she shares on her YouTube channel. These motion pictures have come to be her number one source of income, incomes her between $six hundred and $1100 each month.

Further to her YouTube profits, Visha has also been capable of monetizing her social media presence. She has greater than 49k followers on Instagram and has been able to earn money through subsidized posts and emblem promotions. Her appealing appearances have certainly helped her to draw a large following from everywhere in the international.

Notwithstanding coming from a middle-elegance family, Visha’s difficult work and dedication have enabled her to construct a net really worth ranging from $600k to $700k. Her decision to pursue her passion for travel has now not only allowed her to fulfill her dreams but has additionally given her monetary success. Average, Visha’s story is an inspiring instance of how following your ardor can result in both non-public and financial success.

Visha Khandelwal Contact Details And Social Media Platforms


Q. Who is Visha Khandelwal?

 Ans. Solo Traveler, Indian girl, Youtuber 

Q. Why is Visha Khandelwal so popular?

Ans. Because of her content on youtube and her journey

 Q. Where was Visha Khandelwal born?

 Ans. Delhi, India

 Q. How old is Visha Khandelwal?

 Ans. 27-year-old

 Q. When was Visha Khandelwal born?

 Ans. 1996

 Q. Does Visha Khandelwal have a boyfriend?

 Ans. yes

 Q. Does Visha Khandelwal smoke or drink?

 Ans. No

Q. Is Visha Khandelwal vegetarian

Ans. No, she prefers non-veg as well

 Q. Is Visha Khandelwal married?

 Ans. No

Q. Future planning of Visha Khandelwal?

Ans. Traveling

Q. Is Visha Khandelwal want to do a marriage

Ans. Yes

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