Urfi Javed spotted another outfit: People said bad influence on Indian culture

Urfi Javed is dominated on the internet every day, some people like her, and about 70 percent of people are seen against her, the reason for this is nothing but her dressing sense. Many pictures of Urfi Javed have gone viral, in which the most displeasure has been expressed for spoiling Indian culture.

Just recently, Urfi Javed was seen in such a dress, seeing that people got angry with her.
Some people even alleged that urfi is the only one who spoils the Indian youth, in view of Urfi Javed, our generation also wants to adopt the same formula, so the culture of our country is also in danger.

People are constantly questioning her wearing such outfits, while Urfi Javed was also seen speaking in her favor that she is her work, she is a model and teaches the model to wear such a dress.

Well, everyone’s point of view is different, he said that before questioning one’s profession, it should be seen once that there are different types of people all over India who do such work which has affected sociology the most but no one These people were not questioned because they also like and like them somewhere.

Even after this statement of Urfi Javed, the question did not stop arising and the finger kept pointing at him.
You must tell your experience whether this outfit of urfi javed really spoils the society or not.

When the goons came to Urfi Javed’s house

Urfi Javed also disclosed an incident in his life, he said that people tell him the reason for defaming society, but do they not know that there are already such people in this society who are actually bringing the society towards ruin? coming to take
She said that when she was struggling with a TV show in Mumbai, many times she was asked to do wrong scenes and on protesting, the director sent goons to her house.

On this, people also replied that what is the relation of that incident with this outfit of today, because the society only has trouble with their dress.
Then Urfi Javed said that she is just a fashion model and there are such events in Fashion Week in which such dress has to be worn.

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