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Quick Info about Suhani Shah

Real nameSuhani Shah
Known as Magician, mind reader Suhani Shah
Famous ForCurrently the only female magician in India Suhani Shah
Gender Female
Age (as of 2023)33 Years
ProfessionMagician, Mind Reading, artist, Youtuber
Birthday29 January
Date of Birth29 January 1990
Birth PlaceUdaipur, Rajasthan
Marital Status Unmarried
Monthly Income4-5 lakh rupees (approx)
Suhani Shah Photo
Suhani Shah Photo

Who is Suhani Shah

Suhani Shah is a Rajasthan girl who is in the headlines all over the internet these days. In almost all the news channels, something or other information comes out about Suhani Singh. 

Do you want to know the secret behind Suhani Singh’s mind-reading abilities? Are you curious to find out how she can read people’s minds and predict their future?

Some time ago Suhani Singh went viral on a TV channel for mind reading. After this, her videos started going viral on all social networking sites.  Suhani Shah became popular all over the world for reading minds, but ever since the controversy over Bageshwar Dham, Suhani Singh has been in even more headlines. There are millions of fans of Suhani Shah, while some people are also seen opposing Suhani Shah.

The reason for opposing Suhani Shah is related to raising questions about Bageshwar Dham and Dheerendra Krishna Shastri. You may have heard of Suhani Singh, but do you really know what makes her so special? Her mind-reading abilities are a mystery that has left many people baffled.

In this article, we will unlock the secret behind Suhani Singh’s mind-reading abilities and discover the power of her predictions. It is said that, with Suhani Singh, you can gain insight into your future and make informed decisions about your life.

Suhani Shah with with his father Chandra kant Shah
Suhani Shah with his father Chandra Kant Shah

Suhani Shah Wikipedia, Personal Information, Wiki, Bio, Info

Real nameSuhani Shah
Stage name or popular nameMagician Suhani Shah
CasteShah (Baniya)
Sub-caste and caste categoryNot known
Zodiac signAquarius ♒
Age ( as of 2023)33 Years
Age till 24/March/202333 years 1 month 26 days
12,107 days
397 months 26 days
Date of birth29 January 1990
BirthplaceUdaipur, Rajasthan
ProfessionMind reading, Magician, artist
The reason behind the popularityTv Shows, Magic shows, social media platforms, and the Bageshwar Dham controversy
Current residency, Suhani Shah’s residence addressMumbai
 Active year2018 to present
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Suhani Shah with all family
Suhani Shah with all family

Suhani Shah’s Figure, Physical Measurements, and Secret Details

Suhani Shah height5’5″ feet
5 feet 5 inches
165.1 cm
Suhani Shah  weight59 kilograms
Suhani Shah figure30-32-24
Skin colorFair skin
Eye colorBlack
Hair ColorBrown
HairstyleSilky long hair
Birthmark or tattooTattoo on the right hand
Other secret factsNil
Suhani Shah Photo At the age of Seven
Suhani Shah Photo At the age of Seven

Suhani Shah Biography, life introduction, and life journey

Indian Famous magician Suhani Shah was born on 29 January 1990 in Udaipur, Rajasthan state. Suhani Shah was eager to go to know the outside world from the beginning and she was the different behavior girl in her family who was ahead of her siblings in every work.

 Suhani Shah’s father is a fitness trainer by profession. Her father’s name is Mr. Chandrakant Shah and her mother’s name is Snehlata Shah.


When Suhani Shah was about 7 years old, she started doing magic shows.  At that time, she had started her education in school, but she was very less focused on education and more on knowing the magical world.

Suhani Shah’s education was from Rajasthan but it was not completed and was left in the middle.  Later she obtained a degree from the Indian Magic Association and became famous for her art all over the world.

 Suhani Shah is mainly famous for “Mind Reading” and the whole world is crazy about her art.

In this article, we are going to share every single piece of information related to the life of Suhani Shah and also look at the issue raised between Suhani Shah and Dhirendra Shastri, Bageshwar Dham.

suhani shah's child photo
Suhani shah’s child photo
7 year old Indian magician 'Baby Suhani' - child prodigy
7-year-old Indian magician ‘Baby Suhani’ – a child prodigy

Suhani Shah’s early life, struggle, career, and success story

It was on 22 October 1997, when Suhani Shah did a magic show for the first time. Suhani Shah was only 7 years old at that time. The show was held in the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. Later she did many big and popular shows and also met veteran artists of the country.

Last year, Suhani Shah presented her art in the show of well-known YouTuber and motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari.

 Prior to this, she also performed the art of “mind reading” with many actors.

 Suhani Shah was also invited to the country’s well-known show called “TED Talks” people asked questions face to face and Suhani Shah answered them very easily.

Suhani Shah became famous day by day, but in the meantime, people raised questions about her and some people said that her performance was unfaithful then Suhani Shah came on live news channels and gave a befitting reply to them.

At present, Suhani Shah is again in the grip of controversies because she raised her voice against the country’s famous Pandit Shri Dheerendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham regarding that knowing someone’s mind is an art, not a miracle or other special Power

 Regarding this, all the devotees of Bageshwar Dham started protesting against Suhani Shah.

Suhani Shah with his elder Brother
Suhani Shah with his elder Brother

Suhani Shah book:-

Let us tell you that from the beginning Suhani Shah wanted to spread awareness among the people and assure people that there is great grace and power of God inside every person, due to which any person can achieve anything on the basis of his mind.

 Suhani Shah loves to talk on this topic and then she wrote a book, her book title is “Unleash Your Hidden Powers” in which the facts of psychology have been talked about and it has been explained that anyone’s mind can be read. We should have knowledge about that art. Suhani Shah also says that anyone like her, can read others’ minds and know about their mental activity.

Suhani Shah Biography
Suhani Shah Biography

Suhani Shah’s favorite things and hobbies

NameFavorite things
PlaceUttarakhand India, Maldives
Drinks or beverageCoffee
SongRehna Tu
Singer/musicianAR Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal
Artist (Instagram page)
ModelAishwarya Moharanraj
ActorAmir Khan
ActressKareena Kapoor
ColorBlue 🔵
YoutuberThugesh, Tanmay Bhatt, Payal gaming
Dancer Mehak
ComedianJohny lever
Sports personVirat Kohli
PoliticianNot known
HobbiesTraveling, listing to music, writing

 Suhani Shah’s education qualification, skills, and other qualifications

Early education of Suhani ShahFrom Rajasthan public school
School nameNot known
Undergraduate degreeCompleted (Magic Degree)
School Educational QualificationClass 1
Child picture of Suhani Shah with her parents
Child picture of Suhani Shah with her parents
Suhani Shah’s parents Chandra Kant Shah and Snehlata Shah
Suhani shah with brother
Suhani shah with brother
Child picture of Suhani Shah with his Brother
Child picture of Suhani Shah with his Brother
Suhani Shah with her Sister-in-law
Suhani Shah with her Sister-in-law

 Suhani Shah’s boyfriend, husband’s affairs, and family information

Father’s nameMr. Chandrakant Shah
Mother’s nameMrs. SnehaLata Shah
Brother1 Elder brother
Sister-in-lawRinku Jain
HusbandNo ( unmarried)
Love crushVirat Kohli
Best friendsSapan Verma, Rahul, Rohan
A 15 year old ticket to my show
A 15-year-old ticket for Suhani Shah show

Suhani Shah is an animal lover, and he has two pet dogs. One is also named Haski, and the name is Zyro and a Golden Retriever. His name is Steve.


Suhani Shah’s YouTube journey and channel analytical information

Suhani Shah started the YouTube channel in 2007 but at that time she did not react in any way on YouTube. She started a youtube channel just for the purpose of entertainment etc because very few people knew about Suhani Shah.

 Later, when this art was exhibited in front of the whole world and people got to know about her, Suhani Shah started uploading videos on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Today she has more than 35 lakh subscribers on this channel and she has uploaded about 477 videos.

Suhani Shah with her family on a vacation

 The given table gives the details of Suhani Shah’s YouTube channel.

Name of youtube channel@suhanishah
Suhani Shah YouTube channel link
Number of subscribers35.4 + lacs
Joining date21 October 2007
Uploaded videos477 videos
First published videoNot known
Suhani Shah’s most viral YouTube videoTechburner studio tour
Youtube channel category, tagsLifestyle and vlogs
Total viewsNot known
Other info about Suhani Shah’s YouTube channelShe makes shorts videos daily on bases
Other youtube channels of Suhani Shah@SuhaniShahshorts

Suhani Shah’s Salary, Income, and Net worth

Suhani Shah earning/ monthly income-  4-5 lakhs rupees (approx)

Suhani Shah’s Net worth – 60  crores ( approx)

Source of income –  ads, shows, contests, social media platforms, etc.

Suhani Shah Car Collection

  • Toyota car
  • Hyundai
Suhani Shah at the age of 22
Suhani Shah at the age of 22

Suhani Shah’s instagram information

Instagram account link
Suhani Shah’s Instagram I’d@thesuhanishah
first postNot known
Number of followers12 lakhs followers
Following189 followings
Number of posts876 published posts
Account verification informationverified with blue tick✓
Account managerSelf

Suhani Shah’s address and hometown

Residence address and office – Mumbai, Maharashtra India

Home Town–   Udaipur Rajasthan, India

 Suhani Shah’s contact details and Social media platform

Suhani Shah’s mobile number –  08326655496

Suhani Shah Contact Number – 09860290035

Suhani Shah Insta I’d –  

Twitter account-

Facebook account-

Email/Gmail account-   [email protected]

Snapchat – @suhanishah

Website –

youtube channel –    

Suhani Shah’s secret facts

  • Suhani Shah loves to travel and explore places
  • She started “magic shows” at the age of 7.
  •  Suhani Shah did its first show in 1997.
  •  Suhani Shah has written a book about this “mind-reading” art
  •  Suhani Shah likes tattoos.
  • She has won many awards
  • Suhani Shah had done 5000 magic shows in 18 years.
  • Suhani Shah got the Title of a magic fairy at the age of 9.
  • No one knew magic in Suhani Shah’s house.
  • Suhani Shah’s name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Q. Who is Suhani Shah?

 Ans. Mind reader, Social media star

Q. Who is the famous female magician in India?

Ans. Suhani Shah is the first female magician in India. When She was about 7 years old, she started doing magic shows.  At that time, she had started her education in school, but she was very less focused on education and more on knowing the magical world.

Q. Why is Suhani Shah so popular?

Ans. Reading mind and magic shows, television shows

 Q. Where was Suhani Shah born?

 Ans. Udaipur Rajasthan

 Q. How old is Suhani Shah?

 Ans. 33 years

 Q. When was Suhani Shah born?

 Ans. 29 January 1990

 Q. Does Suhani Shah have a boyfriend?

 Ans. No, she is single now

 Q. Does Suhani Shah smoke or drink?

 Ans. No, she doesn’t

Q. Is Suhani Shah vegetarian

Ans. Yes

 Q. Is Suhani Shah married?

 Ans. NO

Q. Which language Suhani Shah speaks?

Ans. Hindi, English, Rajasthani local language

Q. Is Suhani Shah also an author

Ans. Yes

Q. What is the name of Suhani Shah’s book?

Ans. Unleash Your Hidden Powers

Q. How does Suhani Shah read the mind

Ans. by giving tasks

Meet Magician Suhani Shah | Episode 42
suhani shah with sandeep maheshwari
Suhani Shah with Sandeep Maheshwari
Suhani Shah
Suhani Shah
Suhani Shah with his Father
Suhani Shah with her Father
suhani shah on the sandeep maheshwari show
Suhani shah on the Sandeep Maheshwari show

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