Shraddha and Aftab : Delhi – case of brutality

Shraddha and Aftab : Delhi case of brutality

A city with a population of 2 crores, which is the capital of our country.

The capital Delhi is considered to be the main city of India because most political functions are handled in this city and one such incident in this city is really shocking.

A boy who throws pieces of a dead body of a girl in different places of the city continuously for 18 days and no one is aware of it, neither he is afraid of the police nor he is afraid of being caught!

For 18 days, he keeps throwing about 35 pieces of the dead body day by day, drinks the water of the same fridge in which these pieces were kept and eats food.

When there is no food, he waits for the night by ordering food from zomato and after throwing these pieces outside at some place, sleeps very peacefully in his room as if nothing has happened.

The topic we are going to discuss today really makes one think that how can a person go to such an extent, an incident about which the more deeply you know, the more it will disturb!

So let’s know about this story in detail, so that you should be alert from such incidents!

Shraddha and Aftab Delhi crime story in hindi

This story started from Mumbai Palghar in Maharashtra and ended or unfolded in Delhi.

The story is of 28 year old Shraddha and 30 year old Aftab Aameen Poonawala.

Shraddha had completed her studies and moved out of her house in search of a job in Mumbai. After some time Shraddha got a job in an international call center, Shraddha was happy as well as Shraddha’s parents were also happy.

There were a total of 4 members in this family of Shraddha, parents, brothers and Shraddha herself.

While working in this call center, Shraddha met a man named Aftab, later became friends and gradually this friendship turned into love.

So much love between the two that Shraddha was ready to leave her parents but not Aftab.

Shraddha told about her love to her mother but mother opposed this, when the family members did not agree, Shraddha left home and started living with her lover Aftab.

Shraddha’s mother passed away in early 2020, Shraddha came to her home and came back to her Mumbai within days.

Meanwhile Shraddha’s father explained that she should come back home but Shraddha did not agree.

In Mumbai, both of them did not have any special interest in this job, so they planned that they would go away from here to Delhi and improve their career and settle their home by doing a good job.

On May 8, 2022, both Shraddha and Aftab come to Delhi, after staying in hotels and friends for a few days, they rent a house of their own, the number of this house is -D96/1

Everything was fine in the beginning but after 2 days there was a fight between the two regarding the marriage, Shraddha wished that they should get married now but Aftab did not like it all and after refusing, both of them got into a fight.

On the 10th day after coming to Delhi, the quarrel was so big that Aftab strangled Shraddha to death.

And then started the process of throwing Shraddha’s body into pieces in the bathroom.

Aftab cut the body into pieces and threw it at different places every day from May 19 to June 5.

When Shraddha’s father did not have contact with his daughter for a long time, he lodged a police report, later on 13 September 2022, the police caught Aftab and Aftab told his disgusting truth.

It has been 6 months since Shraddha died and for these 6 months no one even got any news.

Well Aftab has been taken into custody by the police and the police is engaged in finding Shraddha’s body parts.

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