Junior NTR and kgf’s Yash want Kantara movie again? In Hindi

Kantara film of Kannada film industry is becoming a subject of constant admiration, some people and some big actors themselves are calling this film a symbol of best performance. In Kannada, people have also declared it an Oscar winning film.

Filmmaker and lead actor Rishabh Shetty received congratulatory messages from Bollywood and South India shortly after the film’s release. Yash, the lead actor of Kgf movie also congratulated Kantara on the success of the film.

Meanwhile, Junior NTR also came forward and congratulated Rishab Shetty.

Junior ntr congratulated Rishabh Shetty saying that he is really a great performing artist, his hard work paid off.
He said that he himself was surprised to see this film, the love and affection received by the people will be considered the best for Rishab Shetty.
Rishabh Shetty also thanked the public in a very simple way and said that this film is a film of all the people, even if it was a flop, it was a loss for all the people because this film was a great way to present Indian culture to the whole world. Our young generation is also not familiar with our own culture and culture.
But he did not even know that Kantara film would become a better film of Indian cinema.

Rishab Shetty did not even plan to release this film in Hindi, the only thing in her mind was that this film will run only in Kannada language.
But as soon as people’s desire for this film appeared to increase, Rishab Shetty immediately started dubbing it in Hindi as well.

Let us tell you that at the success party of Kantara film, Rishab Shetty thanked junior NTR in front of the media because he himself saw that film and called and congratulated him. He said that he would also like to thank the entire cast of RRR.

Meanwhile, Rishab Shetty talks about more nostalgia, she also talks about south superstar Rajinikanth.
Rishabh Shetty has got a lot of support from south film production from the very beginning.

Jr. NTR demands Kantara 2

Jr. NTR himself has asked Rishabh Shetty to make Kantara 2 film, he said that the second part of this film should also be made.
It is bound to be the second part of such a good film.
But Rishab Shetty did not react in any way for Kanatara 2, he replied saying that nothing can be said about Kantara 2, maybe I should start working on it or not.

But it can be expected that if Kantara 2 is made then changes will also be made in the cast of this film and other south actors should also work in this film.

Rajnikant tweets: Master key Rishab Shetty

Rajinikanth ji also congratulated Rishab Shetty by tweeting. The entire Kantara film has also been made by Rishab Shetty alone, the director, writer, lead actor etc. of this film are Rishab Shetty himself.

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