Hommie Dilliwala replied to those who spoke ill of Honey Singh: Nachna ve song

The whole world is waiting for the return of Honey is 3.0 and in the meantime, Honey Singh was also seen in the grip of controversies. The talk of this controversy started on 2 November 2022, people trolled Honey Singh a lot and were also doing evil by tagging Honey Singh on Twitter and Instagram.

But today i.e. on 6th November 2022, the people who spoke ill of Honey Singh have also got the answer. Actually, it is about Hommie Dilliwala and honey Singh.

Himmie Dilliwala had announced a new song nachna ve and released a teaser but this teaser was not released on any other channel or medium but on Honey Singh’s official YouTube channel.

Whereas Honey Singh’s name was not even in that song, ie Honey Singh’s nachna ve song was not showing any kind of participation and people started trolling.

Honey Singh did not answer them and kept quiet but as soon as Hommie Dilliwala released the song nachna ve today on 6th November, all those people got the answer because honey Singh presented this song, Meaning this song is the presentation of Honey Singh itself.

Hommie Dilliwala releases Apna nachna ve song

Hommie Dilliwala credits Honey Singh in this song, the answer is found in one line when it is clear that “Nachna ve song presented by yo yo honey singh”
Nachna ve song is written and sung by Homi Dilliwala.

More things will be revealed after the final video is uploaded and it is possible that Homi Delhiwala and Honey Singh can be seen talking about this matter together on Instagram.
Honey Singh takes any dispute very easily and keeps his point, but in any case, people get the answer without answering them, as happened in this song.

Well, the video of this song has not been uploaded yet, the video of nachna ve song will be uploaded soon. Honey Singh had already revealed that he loves giving surprises, he keeps giving surprises to his fans, and he does not know why people fall behind him and do evil.

Honey Singh may also be seen in this song, fans are eager to see him in this video song and are constantly questioning him. Honey Singh tagged Homi Dilliwala through the post and wrote ” my boy is on fire, this time he is not just rapping he is singing too”

Honey Singh 3.0

Now let’s talk about Honey Singh 3.0, this version means the return of blue eyes 2.0 song.
Honey Singh’s Blue Eyes 2.0 is coming soon, this song will be released under another name and may be seen in early 2023!

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