Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper Biography, Age, Income, Boyfriend, Family, Networth, Figure

Quick Info about QK Rapper

Real name Aarya Jadhao
Stage nameQK and Rapper Queen
Gender female
QK Rapper Age21 years
ProfessionRapper, Artist, Singer, Dancer, Musician, Songwriter) 
Birthday20 December 
Marriage lifeunmarried
Boyfriend NameUnder Review
Monthly incomeRs 2-3 lakh
The most popular latest song Nauvaari

Who is Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper

Aarya Jadhao is a 21-year-old female rapper and songwriter. Aarya Jadhao is mostly known by the name QK, he is known as QK on YouTube and other social media platforms. Aarya Jadhao is a fine performance and song-composing girl. He is known as the National Young Artist. She featured in the Hustle program of India’s main reality show MTV and since then the popularity of QK Rapper Aarya Jadhao has skyrocketed.

Everyone keeps praising his art, meanwhile, the judges of the hustle program were also fascinated by Aarya Jadhao’s performance and respectfully invited him for the next season. Aarya Jadhao is currently seen posting short clips of rap songs on her YouTube channel, according to all the reports and sources, it can be said that Aarya Jadhao wants to mold herself into a great female singer in the future and so on. She will also take the help of her own studio and channel, the way big singers keep presenting their songs in the form of films and albums.

In the article “Biography of Aarya Jadhao and QK Rapper Aarya Jadhao biography”, his life will be introduced in his own words, and will also discuss Aarya Jadhao’s personal information, highlighting important facts and events.

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper Wikipedia / bio / Info

QK Rapper’s real nameAarya Jadhao
Famous nameQK Rapper
Caste category and gotraGeneral
Zodiac sign 
Age21 Years
Date of birth20 December 2001
Professionrap singer/stage performer, songwriter
The reason behind the popularityMTV hustle program
Present residence addressMaharashtra
Tenure (active year)2019 to present

Mala mahit nahi | QK | Hustle 2.0

Mala mahit nahi | QK | Hustle 2.0

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper figure, physical Measurenent

QK Rapper Body Height5 feet 7 inches
QK Rapper weight58 kg
QK Rapper figure28-30-34
Skin color Blonde color
Eye colorblack color
Hair Colorblack color
HairstyleCurly long hair
Physical mark ( birthmark or tattoo )No
otherslim fit body

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper Biography

Aarya Jadhao was born on 20 December 2001 in Amravati, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Aarya Jadhao is known as QK in the world of rapper songs.

This is a middle-class family girl belonging to the Hindu religion who took her own help to reach the height of success in just 21 years because the financial condition of Aarya Jadhao’s family born in middle-class family was not so much better that she had to work in an institute as music. Get training admission.

Aarya Jadhao’s performance has always been better, he tried himself in different directions from childhood like musical art, before coming into the music field, he wrote his own songs many times and practiced that maybe these songs written by him will be big. Like big singers, become a good song and with this practice, Aarya Jadhao had become a great singer as well as a writer, today she is considered a good writer apart from India’s young rapper and musician.

Aarya Jadhao’s early education started from the place of Amravati in Mumbai and from the time of school, he was seen as conscious of writing and singing. Although Aarya Jadhao was attracted to music since childhood around the 10th grade, he got more. There was more love to be seen.

Aarya Jadhao says that her mother always supported her, when Aarya Jadhao wanted to pursue her career in musical art, her mother supported her, the credit for her success also goes to Arya Jadhav’s mother.

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper early life, career, and success story

Aarya Jadhao is a girl with a playful nature because depending on her family, she used to travel to new places since childhood, Jadhao was also interested in sports and at present, she is very fond of shopping. Ever since Aarya Jadhao came to India’s reality show, her popularity has increased because in the year 2019 she performed her art in MTV’s Hustle program since then her popularity increased, and people like to know about Aarya Jadhao. But at this time he was not available at the national level.

Aarya Jadhao also worked as a content creator on YouTube and made her mark by uploading short videos of her performances in reality shows. He was supported the most by the hip hop reality show, MTV Hustle Program 2.0, and Aarya Jadhao’s name was known by the biggest music artist in India from the 2.0 program. In today’s time, even Badshah does not get tired of praising the art of Aarya Jadhao. Let us tell you that Aarya Jadhao came to the top or top position in season 2 of MTV, and the judges and public of the reality show were stunned by her performance.

MTV’s hustle program was started in August 2019, and Aarya Jadhao had planned to perform from season 1, and later in the year 2022, Aarya Jadhao finally got that success and recognition from season 2. Because Aarya Jadhao participated in this season of MTV i.e. season 2 of 2022.

Judge Badshah of the Hustle program praised Aarya Jadhao as her performance by her was really commendable. When he performed on stage for the first time, he got a standing ovation from the judges of the Hustle program.

After this performance, Aarya Jadhao got another new name in society, and on social media platforms, she came to be known as Rapper Queen. After this, Aarya Jadhao was called Rapper Queen on local news and big channels.

Raja Raazi | QK | Hustle 2.0

Raja Raazi | QK | Hustle 2.0

 Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper education qualification

Early education of Aarya JadhaoAmravati’s public school completed education till class 10th
School nameAmravati Public School Mumbai
Bachelor’s degreecompleted
Masters (post-graduation)continuing pursuing
Name of the collegeunknown
Subjects of Educationunknown
Other qualificationsProfessional musician, rapper

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper Husband, boyfriend and family information

Father’s name of QK RapperMr. Jadhao
Mother’s name of QK RapperMrs. Jadhao
BrotherKrishna Jadhao
SisterRashmi Jadhao
CousinShiva Jadhao
CrushRanveer Kapoor
Friend ( best friends)UNB, Paradox Raper, Srushti Tawade

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper YouTube Journey

Aarya Jadhao’s YouTube journey took place during the Corona period when she started this channel as a song maker. This channel was started in 2020 and Aarya Jadhao started his career with Nirbhaya. He gave a good message to society through this video named Zinda Nirbhaya tu ban.

Aarya Jadhao opened his YouTube channel named QK and started putting songs and vlogs on it. Aarya Jadhao has put her favorite line “I rap and I breathe on stage” in the description and Instagram account of this channel. So far 14 videos have been uploaded on this channel named QK.

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper channel info

Youtube channel name@QK
Channel link https://youtube.com/c/QKRAPS
Some subscribersmore than 67 thousand
Total videos14 videos
First videoZinda Nirbhaya to ban
Aarya Jadhao viral YouTube videoNauvaari
Channel category and tagMusician rapper
Other channel-related informationunknown
QK | Hustle 2.0

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper salary, income, and net worth)

  • QK Rapper income – Rs 2-3 lakh per month (approx)
  • QK Rapper Net Worth) – 7 million approx (about 70 lakh rupees)

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper’s favorite things and hobbies

Favorite placeParis
SingerHoney Singh, Badshah, desi hip hop
ActorRanveer Kapoor
QK | Hustle 2.0

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper Instagram account information

Instagram account link  https://www.instagram.com/aarya.qk/
Id @aaarya.qk
first noteunknown
number of followers223k ( 2 lakh 23 thousand )
following302 Following
Total posts so far169 Posts
verification status not verified by a blue tick
tagArtist/rapper musician, poet
hot topicCreative article on MTV hustle program, Nirbhaya Case
QK | Hustle 2.0

Nazz VS Srushti | Nazz, Srushti Tawade | Hustle 2.0

Nazz VS Srushti | Nazz, Srushti Tawade | Hustle 2.0

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper home address

Residence address – Mumbai Maharashtra

Home ( Home Town) – Amravati, Mumbai

 Pincode – 444602 ( Mumbai Maharashtra, India)

Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper contact details and social media platform

  • Aarya Jadhao mobile number- +91764060×××
  • Twitter account) – @aarya.qk
  • Facebook account – QK aarya

Unheard facts about QK Rapper

  • Aarya Jadhao started his career by giving a message to society in the form of a song regarding the Nirbhaya Case.
  • His first video was called Zinda Nirbhaya Tu Ban.
  • Aarya Jadhao is currently also known as Rapper Queen.
  • He is also known as QK Rapper.
  • Aarya Jadhao participated in the MTV Hustle 2.0 program which was season 2 of the Hustle program which was brought in 2022.
  • Aarya Jadhao also uploads blog-related videos on her YouTube.
  • Aarya Jadhao has done his graduation from the college in Mumbai.
  • Aarya Jadhao was included in the DMC Dynamites team.
  • Aarya Jadhao aka QK Rapper is also a good poet.

Social Media FAQ ( QNA )

Q. What is the full form of QK?

Ans. Queen

Q. Who is Aarya Jadhao?

Ans. Indian young rapper

Q. Who is the famous rapper musician named Rapper Queen?

Ans. Aarya Jadhao

Q. Aarya Jadhao is known by what name?

Ans. QK Rapper

Q. On which subject did Aarya Jadhao make the first video?

Ans. on Nirbhaya case

Q. How old is Aarya Jadhao?

Ans. 21 years

Q. When was Aarya Jadhao born?

Ans. in 2001

Q. Where was Aarya Jadhao born?

Ans. Amravati District, Mumbai

Q. Does Aarya Jadhao have a boyfriend?

Ans. Yes, but the information is secret by them

Q. Does Aarya Jadhao want to sing in films?

Ans. Yes, she will produce songs at her own studio in future

Q. Which is the most liked song of Aarya Jadhao?

Ans. Nauvaari song

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